Back Office

Control your business operations anytime, anywhere with Vivid – a complete platform that allows you to access reports, track inventory, manage employees, and much more.


Efficient, intuitive tools for restaurant operators.

Reporting Gone Right

Every Report You’ll Ever Need

With over 50 available report types, Vivid provides all of the data sets that are important to you. From the End of Day Summary to Product Mix Reports we’ve got you covered.

Stay Up To Date With Live Data

Your back office is synced live with operations so you can stay in constant touch with sales and inventory even if you’re not at the restaurant.

Comprehensive, Yet Intuitive

Vivid presents the important information you need in an easy to read, intuitive format. You can view advanced data sets boiled down into simple, clear visuals.

Inventory Control

Inform Your Staff If Items Are 86’d

Your POS is synced live with current inventory levels within the back office. When stock is running low you’ll be notified to re-order, and when an item runs out during service the POS will automatically mark it as unavailable.

Reduce Food Waste

Know exactly what and how much to order from vendors, helping you reduce costly food waste.

Increase Profit With Sales Data

Make informed decisions with easy access to COG, margin %, and sales data helping you decide which menu items to keep, and which to get rid of, based on profitability.

Menu Management

Easy-to-Build Menu

Create and customize your entire menu online with a few clicks. Updates automatically sync in real-time with your front of house POS.


Easily customize every aspect of your menu including categories, modifiers, taxes, and much more.

Synced With Online Ordering

No need to manage a separate menu for online ordering. With Vivid you only need to create your menu once and any updates will sync to all both platforms.

Team Management

Easy Clock In/Clock Out

Team members can quickly clock in and out with just a few taps or even by scanning their unique QR code. Control access, create unique setups and restrict actions to specific employee roles.

Streamline Time Management & Payroll

Employee hours and punch data are automatically logged and synced to your back office reports and ready to push to payroll.

Optimize Labor Costs

Access to real-time data on labor costs, overtime hours, and staff sales performance helps inform money-saving business decisions.